Lavender Lemon Drop



12 Limoneira Lemons (juice only)

4 quarts of water

8 cups of raw sugar

12 sprigs of lavender

3 oz. Ventura Limoncello

3 oz. Absolut Citron Vodka


Yields: 4 quarts

Cooking Instructions 


Add your water to a medium size stock pot, add your lavender sprigs and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and allow the lavender sprigs to steep in the liquid. White foam will float on top of your lavender water; discard the foam by skimming the foam off the top with a kitchen spoon. Strain the lavender water through a colander and put the liquid back into the pot and add your sugar and bring to a boil. Once the sugar has dissolved add your lemon juice and cool rapidly. Add limoncello and vodka. Chill your lavender lemonade and serve with a lemon wheel and lavender blossom.


Yields: 4 quarts

Lavender Lemon Drop



Main Ingredients: 


Season or Event: 

Grilling, Holiday Party, Spring, Summer

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